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Maritime Agents

Ocean freight shipping plays a major role in the shipment of goods between countries and continents. IMGC Group support our customer by providing a full range of services for their cargo transportation requirements as shipping agency services at loading ports and inland and ocean dry bulk commodities carriage.

Inspection and Certification

We are proud to provide independent inspection and certification services for those involved, but not limited, in the iron ore-based value chain. IMGC Group are guarantors of our clients’ interests by helping them to manage their risks and certifying the quantity and quality of their products. From cargo inspection to laboratory analysis we cover all our costumers' needs.

Trading Logistic

Traders make their living by providing a solidly reliable logistics service between producer and consumer. IMGC Group proudly serves the global trading industry of Iron Ore Based Metallics in order to ease their logistic needs, helping them to gain a sustained competitive advantage (in this low-margin service business) in countries where there are little to no viable alternatives. Our logistics network helps our customers control their risk and manage lower cost than their competitors.
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IMGC Group, Established in 2014, is a multipurpose company that provides trading, shipping, inspection and certification services for those involved in the bulk cargo commodity business. With one of the fastest growing staff of professionals in the industry, we deliver best in class service to each costumer.

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IMGC Worldwide

IMGC is a global group providing a wide range of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services with presence in USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Mexico and Trinidad & Tobago.

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